What is sound visualization?

The “sound visualization” project that barbe_generative_diary is working on began with the idea of physically and temporally fixing invisible sounds by drawing them on paper using a pen plotter.

The sounds surrounding our environment are not exactly the same data, even in the same place and at the same time. Sounds appear due to the coincidence of the flow of time, such as the weather, humidity, and wind direction at any given time, and the data seems to contain a great deal of generative elements.

Furthermore, the sounds recorded in field recordings are not only frequencies as mere echoes, but also a record of personal experiences for the recorders, and for the listeners, they may spell out various stories through their connection to “memories” and “emotions.

These elements are the basis of the production experiments of barbe_generative_diary as Sound visualization.

One minute / Sound visualization on YouTube

In parallel with the pen-plotter-based paper-based expression he had been doing, he started a YouTube channel to record his work on the Internet. The sounds and recording environment from the field recordings and the visuals using the sounds are recorded together with metadata in a one-minute video.

Recommended Book / Generative art

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