Sound visualization / “Waiting for you” – Pablo Suárez

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Sound / “Waiting for you” by Pablo Suárez

“Waiting for You” is a song dedicated to my upcoming baby girl, marking with its beat the passing time until her arrival.

It is a very exciting collaboration, co-written and produced by James Yuill. Featuring his voice, it creates a very deep and powerful atmosphere. Composed with synths, guitars, strings and other elements, it is a very motivational and energetic song.

Pablo Suarez biography

Pablo Suárez is a self-taught music composer. He has a neoclassical and cinematographic distinctive style which is dominated by instrumental piano. He always wanted to be a musician but found a way in which to channel his creative flow into furniture design, nevertheless he kept exploring with digital mediums in order to bring to life the melodies that he had on his mind delivering strong nostalgic sounds tailored for film soundtracks and/or special projects.

Pablo Suárez sounds

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I always recommend this book, whenever I am asked by a beginner, “How do you make your work?”. The book includes high-quality examples of generative art.