“Tracing the Line: the art of drawing machines and pen plotters”.

The book is in its pre-sale phase – Estimated release date November 2023

The use of pen plotters and other drawing machines has become an important part of the contemporary generative and digital art scene. Tracing the Line showcases the works of 100 contemporary artists who use these machines in their practice, including some stellar headliners such as Pavlovpulus, Matt DesLauriers, Tyler Hobbs, Zancan, Landlinesart, Alida Sun, Joanie Lemercier, Shedrawswithcode, Sougwen Chung, Julien Gachadoat, Rev Dan Catt, Lars Wander, Frederik Vanhoutte, Arno Beck, DiDiffArt, LIA, Targz, and Loackme.

The book also features an introduction by Wolf Lieser, director of DAM Projects in Berlin, on the pioneers of the generative art movement who paved the way for the artists in this book.

An incredible variety of different techniques and styles are shown, highlighting the diverse range of possibilities and approaches that pen plotters and other drawing machines offer. Tracing the Line is a must-read for anyone interested in contemporary generative and digital art world.

Here a temporary list of the confirmed featured artists

Acrylcode, Algorigraph, Alida Sun, Allen F, Andee Collard, Antigoon, Arjan van der Meij, Arnaud Pfeff, Arno Beck, Barbe Generative Diary, Beatrice Lartigue, Benjamin Vedrenne, Bondtruluv, Bustavo, Catalin Sandu, Il Cek, Cezar Mocan, Chris Bly, Con Ryan, Cory Haber, Daniela Kröhnert, David Guerrero, Deniz Bicer, Desmond Clarke, Di Diff Art, Dirk Dallas (Dirka), Guillaume Lagarde (Entropismes), Frank Aubry (FHAS) + Andreas Rau, Floris De Jonge, Frederick Vanhoutte (Wblut), Stephen McArdle (Generativeartworks), Geoff Bradway (Chromatocosmos), Greweb,Schwalbe Lisa (Gridtheline), Heliodoro Sanchez, Hiromasa Fukaji, Huw Messie, Ivan Murit, Jens Clarholm (Jenslabs), Joanie Lemercier, Joel Cammarata, Julien Espagnon, Julien Gachadoat (V3ga), Kris Northern, Kristine Vegard, Kyle McDonald, Landlinesart, Lars Wander, Lenia Mascha, LIA, Licia He, Liz Melchor, Loakme, Luke Shannon, Marcel Schwittlick, Martin Bauer (Berlinplots), Matthew Hughes (Tasty Plots), Matt DesLauriers, Meg Rodger, Michelle Chandra (Pen Plots Art), Mmachine Berlin, Moudsoup, Mr Prudence, Noumenal, Otxa, Pablo Garcia, Patrick Tresset, Paul Rickards, Pablo Azocar (Pavlopolus), Pedro Alcocer, Pierre Paslier, Ralf Jacobs, Rev Dan Catt, Santi Vilanova (Playmodes), Seo Hyojung (SeoHyo), Sfd Art, Jessica In (Shedrawswithcode), Shih Wei Chieh, Simon Kirby, Simone H Mauer, So Kanno, Sohan Murthy, Sougwen (Scilicet), Nicola Lorusso (Spatial Matters), Marcello Giannoccaro (5tr4n0), Andrew Strauss (Studio Strauss), Sunjo Lee, Sven Bjorn, Targz, David Mrugala (thedotisblack), Thresfold, Tom Lauerman, Tyler Hobbs, Victor Wong, Zancan.



Texts by
Wolf Lieser – DAM Projects Berlin
Pablo Garcia – Drawing Machines

Media Partners
Generative Hut
Galerie DATA Paris
DAM Projects Berlin
Pen Plot Art

Art Direction and Curation
Luca Bendandi – Vetro Editions Berlin

for the teaser:
art direction: Luca Bendandi
video editing: Adriano La Licata
music : Julie Amouzegar Kim


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