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Geofón convert the vibration of objects into sound, creating a unique sound with a heavy bass resonance. It is a sensitive omnidirectional geophone adjusted for field recording purposes. Originally designed for seismic measurements, it can be used with regular field recording equipment to capture very faint vibrations in various materials and even soil.

It comes with some accessories. Neodymium magnet (e.g. for attaching to steel constructions), 40mm suction cup, Stainless-steel spike adapter with 50mm extender.

Sample test

Sample test with Geofon and basicUcho.

Tech Specs

Directivity: omnidirectional
Frequency response: 10 – 1000+ Hz
Impedance: 3500 Ω
Resonant frequency: 14 Hz
Open–circuit sensitivity: 80.0 V/m/s
Cable: 1.5 m, robust polyurethane jacket, shielded
Output: XLR-3M balanced, gold-plated black Neutrik connector
Dimensions & weight: 52.5 mm x 36.5 mm ⌀, 190 g (including the cable and the magnet)


LOM is a microphone manufacturer set up by Jonas Gruska, and record label.

They are designing and supplying great value for money solutions for artists. LOM’s microphones are made to handle super tiny sounds and quiet sounds for recording environmental sounds.

LOM: https://lom.audio/

You can buy it on LOM audio Website.

barbe_generative_library Sounds

Recommended Book / Generative art

Generative Art: A Practical Guide Using Processing – Matt Pearson

Generative Art presents both the techniques and the beauty of algorithmic art. In it, you’ll find dozens of high-quality examples of generative art, along with the specific steps the author followed to create each unique piece using the Processing programming language. The book includes concise tutorials for each of the technical components required to create the book’s images, and it offers countless suggestions for how you can combine and reuse the various techniques to create your own works.

Purchase of the print book comes with an offer of a free PDF, ePub, and Kindle eBook from Manning. Also available is all code from the book.

Generative Art: A Practical Guide Using Processing – Matt Pearson
Publication date: 2011. July 10
Length: 240 Pages
Publisher: Manning
Language: English

barbe_generative_diary SOUNDS

barbe_generative_diary SOUNDS publishes sound materials recorded through field recordings for sound visualization expressions on “bandcamp” royalty-free.